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Monday, September 28th, 2015

Monday, September 28th, 2015
Uniondale, New York

Everything's Going Nuts

With an early start and it being dark we could not see the thick branches jutting out from the trees. So, when backing up, our rear window bashed and broke into millions of pieces. Something had to be done to replace the vehicle's back which was also damaged.

The forecast called for rain, even for a storm, so Vivasvan got working on the damaged rear-end right away.

Another mechanical issue is my knees. They don't seem to care for the initial steps taken in the morning with the up-and-down nature of the Appalachian trail. Eventually though, the machinery (my body) takes to it fine.

Trees are shedding their fruit. What I mean to say is that nuts are falling all over the place - walnuts and acorns especially. The squirrels are in glee. You hear the sound of a thud when a nut hits the pavement but only after several snap sounds which arise from contacting twigs and leaves during its descent. I am lucky to not be struck by one of these guys yet.

We have crossed another border at Bull Bridge. We are now in New York State. It's funny but I guess each state has its own personality. Suddenly, I felt an increased openness in the people of New York whereas in Massachusetts and Connecticut people were somewhat reserved. Finally we're in a place where we get noticed. This is a good thing of course. In fact, when some people see me, the way they express themselves is as if they're going nuts. They stop and talk and they find that the walk is awesome. Even the police came by after receiving a report of a guy in orange sleeping on the side of the road. The one officer said, "You know, prisoners are in orange jump-suits and sometimes they escape."

On a more serious note, I spoke to a friend (a rather well-known athlete) on my cell and being familiar with our guru, Srila Prabhupada, I asked him, "Now it has been 50 years since our guru came to the West...what kind of assessment, reflection, or vision do you feel we should have?"

"Appreciate and never think that because I am a devotee (spiritualist) that all things should be happening for me. Do not feel entitled. Be grateful."

May the Source be with you!

20 miles/ 32 km

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