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Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Friday, October 2nd, 2015
Matamoras, Pennsylvania

A Cool Mayor

Monks in our order are allowed to vote but I would not, even if I would be an American citizen. If I WERE to vote, I would cast my vote on November 3rd for Judith L. Kennedy. She is the mayor of Newburgh in New York State and with her term coming to an end and the election campaign going on, she has the chance to be re-elected. The reason why I would have put a check to her name had I the opportunity, is because she stands for moral values. I spent an hour talking to her over dinner at Newburgh’s vegetarian restaurant, Nimai’s Bliss Kitchen. Judith and I dialogued over many topics concerning the way our society is. She let me know of a recent shooting of eight people in a college in Oregon. God, I didn’t know. I haven’t been following the news lately although I got interviewed by Mark of the Sentinel Newspaper today. With Judith, we spoke of rampant drug use, the world of Reaganomics, commercialism, and being in deep debt. We spoke of America and the world at large being like the Roman Empire, a civilization that fell into decline with the cause coming from within.

She was totally right on with her assessment and that there’s need for change. She came, along with others, to the restaurant not just for a meal but also to hear from The Walking Monk, so I delivered 'Tales From Trails', and to do something that can shake up a troubled world, so we did kirtan. We chanted and danced up a storm, including Judith. She’s totally cool. After a long day trudging through drizzle, tracking back for dinner, and after stepping into a new state, Pennsylvania, it was worth coming to the event.

I expressed to the group how our guru, Srila Prabhupada, came to the West 50 years ago with a message and part of that message was about redefining what we call ‘partying’. His definition, having a good time with kirtan and acknowledging the Source. Judith actually mentioned to me that she uses the word Source quite a lot. Anyways, I hope to see her stay in her mayoral seat for another term.

May the Source be with you!

Port Jervis, Milford, Matamoras

19 miles / 31 km



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