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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

New Man Came

A young chap from Calgary, a second-generation Hare Krishna devotee, came to join us for the summer.  His name is Jagannath and at 18 years of age his parents, Gaurachandra and Vanipriya, felt that a summer-long retreat in our ashram would be the best experience for him.

Personally I like the concept of "monk for a month" or "monk for any length of time, a week-end etc." It is just ideal for a young guy especially.  Why?  Well, you take on disciplines like early rising.  There's the occasional fast.  You do some menial tasks such as cleaning or prep-work in the kitchen.  You learn team-work, cohesion and harmony of activity.  You also familiarize yourself with sastra, sacred wisdom.  You apply it.  You eat good healthy food.  You build character.

Part of Jagannath's experience was to accompany me on a trek along the ravine.  As a special treat we had Michael Oesch with us.  Michael, whom I've written about before, is one of those rare creatures to have walked across the country so we share so much in common.  We identified plants, trees, bad water (the creek), and good water (the rain) which came down in buckets just as we finished.

Michael remembers the Brickworks from years ago when it was an abandoned empty quarry.  To his amazement the place, at one time full of dug-out clay for brick-making, has transferred into an urban green haven.

I believe that Jagannath benefits totally from his stay in the ashram.  With our walk, he spent time with a couple of older pogeys (us) and he will be in the company of younger monks, encompassing a wider range of experience.  I wish all younger men, and women, could have the ashram experience for their ultimate benefit.  It's an adventure. 

May the Source be with you!

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