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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Toronto, Ontario

On Radio, Newfoundland

I had an interview with Colleen from Memorial University on their radio station.  It was a promo for my coming to give talks in Newfoundland tomorrow.  I understand that Colleen is a well-liked broadcaster and is good at songwriting and at singing. 

Her questions and my answers regarding “Tales from Tails” were pre-recorded and involved everything about pilgrimage and included the events I’ll be conducting while in Newfoundland.  I’ll paraphrase and shortcut for brevity’s sake. 

Colleen:  What makes a walk become a pilgrimage?

Me:  When one walks for an intended transformation it is then a pilgrimage.

Colleen:  What is the value of a pilgrimage?

Me:  It is down-time, time to reflect, to be introspective, to plan for the future, reminisce on some past experiences and to be very much in the moment.

Colleen:  In this age of technology you feel there’s a need?

Me:  Absolutely! We are dealing with weapons of mass distraction.  Let us re-explore the power of the human body, which is a temple for the atma, the soul.  I’ve never liked cars and the damage they’ve done to the world.  The human body can do so much.

Colleen:  You mentioned in your blog about challenges with the knees.

Me:  I’m 62, going on 63.  Naturally there is some wear-down.  I’ve settled for doing 35 km a day whereas my past average doing the marathons was 42 km a day.

Colleen:  You’re going to be speaking? And walking?

Me:  Yes! Gander is on for Saturday at a yoga studio; Sunday, a talk at the

Hindu temple then ‘Tales from Trails” at the Education Building Room 2018A Monday evening.  Tuesday we’ll conduct a walk around Quidi Vidi Lake.  All are welcome.

May the Source be with you!

7 km

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