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Monday, July 13th, 2015

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Houston, Texas

Back In Texas

I have come to this city to connect with the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Krishna Youth Bus Tour. The celebration will be events and touring itself throughout North America. It is my 10th year hooking up with the crew. And what a joyous reception it was. Not for me but for the Lord! Minutes after I arrived at the mega ISKCON temple on 34th St. I entered the room where the deities of Radha Nila Madhava adorned at Raj Boga (or high noon).While entering, I was approached by organizers of a much larger retreat, a youth sangha. “Can you show us some dance steps?” asked an eager three guys.


So we went at it. 

The main chunk of the day, however, had me engaged in preparations for the main drama for our tour, beginning in Toronto. The piece is called ‘Krishna is... !’ Consisting of seven scenes, they are entitled: 

  1. Krishna Is... The most humble being.
  2. Krishna Is... the Ultimate Protector.
  3. Krishna Is... the Giver of Free Will.
  4. Krishna Is... the Deliverer of Divine Wisdom.
  5. Krishna Is... the Subduer of Evil Forces.
  6. Krishna Is... the Performer of Divine Dance.
  7. Krishna Is... a Child
Practice went on. I had no time for walking, only limping through two airports. A challenged right knee is somewhat taxing me. I forge ahead.

May the Source be with you!

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