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Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Saturday, June 27th, 2015
Halifax, Nova Scotia

On the Waterfront

Mukunda and I took to the Beachville Lakeside Trail.  For me - a new discovery.  We trekked only 5 kilometres but I loved it.  Apparently the trail swings north to Yarmouth, a mere 300 kilometres.  This is tempting for the future.

Then my most important part of the day fell in the evening at Halifax's charming waterfront.  Tons of people were there for the Rib Fest.  Can you imagine what a bunch of Hare Krishnas would be doing there?  Yes, unmistakably they would be chanting.  That's just what we did.  Let's say we helped ourselves to a spot on the wooden dock, took the lotus position and chanted away.  We were armed with mrdanga drum and cymbals.  It wasn't long before Amber, a busker, had shown up with her guitar and her friend, a street entertainer, with djembe.  Our entire ensemble was welcomed by the public.  The sound was one of enchantment.  Joseph took the lead and strummed on Amber's guitar.  Brhat stuck to his drum and Amber went to her impromptu voice tones offering a moody background to the chant.  Ashley was also there with her and Joseph's several month old baby.  Their presence added to the sweetness of the event altogether.
The implications of a Rib Fest is a bit hard to imagine for a group of Krishna people.  What would be the karmic implications for eating 'til it would stick to your ribs?'  Or are we looking at a certain kind of hell that steak-eaters venture to being involved in - by taking the life of a cow or bull, held sacred as a mother and father from a Vedic perspective?
In one sense, we the chanters feel that when the sacred sound is heard it can karmically turn everything around to the positive.

May the Source be with you!

5 km

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