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Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Sunday, June 28th, 2015
Brampton, Ontario

A Bit of a Scene

The weather report is that the globe is facing an incredible heat wave, all except for parts of central Canada so it seems.  Hard to believe that the predicted high for today in southern Ontario would only reach 15 degrees Celsius and a northern place like Yellowknife would summit at 25 degrees Celsius.  Climatic changes are abound and right.  At the Toronto Airport, where Brhat and I were standing after de planing, we were experiencing an unseasonable wet and coolness.

While waiting for our ride at the pick-up lane I witnessed something that chilled me further.  An older man exited the building at Terminal 3 very near to us but slipped, banged his head against a hand rail cutting open his left forehead and with blood gushed forth.  He fell on his back and couldn't get himself up.  People came running.  I was one of them.  It was a scene.

Some airport service-women also appeared.  We tried to console him.  We were somewhat reluctant to lift him up.  We had all decided that he should get up and so he grabbed my hand and I lifted him but only once a wheel-chair arrived by airport security.  The ambulance was on its way.  The cut on his forehead was quite ugly.  It looked as though he would be tended to.  My ride arrived.  I was glad to be of service to the older man who apparently was on the same flight from Halifax.

At the Brampton ISKCON Centre I relayed the details of this incident to the community from the vyasasan chair, the seat of the speaker.  I cannot at this point recall why I brought up the incident, in other words, in which context.  But if I could express my after-thought:  "Life is so fragile.  Anything can happen at any moment.  Are we prepared when something happens to us to be in a divine state of mind?

May the Source be with you!

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