Monday, 20 July 2015

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Welcome to the Material World

Fires have still not subsided. British Columbia is as dry as a bone. Its trees are under siege by flames. As Harold and I drove past the entrance to the valley where Saranagati Village is nestled you still find trees ablaze. “They are contained”, said Harold, meaning fire-fighters have the flames under control.

Once I got back up in the air headed for Vancouver, my co-passenger Dean Kop, a saw-mill business operator, and I noted the hazy skies of the mountains. This was not fog necessarily. It was collective dampness and smoke from accumulative brush fires going on all over the place. To me, it gives a glimpse of final devastation when the world is engulfed by the basic elements. You could visualize Shiva dancing away at the time of cosmic dissolution. This dance is not an expression of joy but, more so, a display of serious business, a display of ultimate passion. 

When the skies became a little more clear, Dean and I guestimated what the landmarks were below us. In the same way on my trip north the question was, 

“Would that be the Thompson River or the Frazer?”

“No, it must be the Frazer,” said Dean, “because it’s a muddy river.”  

The theme for today was that the world is on fire and that holds true for the insatiable desires of people. 

At the Vancouver Airport I met devotees who lovingly offered me pasta prasadam to consume along with legal documents to sign. All in the service... 

So, here you have it – the material world. Fire, desire, illness, etc. As our Air Canada aircraft was ready to take off for the air the fellow next to me pulled out the bag for collecting rejected edibles consumed from the seat in from of him. He vomited but did a real good job. Perfect aim! Not a splatter reached me. In Sanskrit the word for illness is vyadi. It means dis-ease. “Food poisoning” he called it, “from the night before.” 

Welcome to the material world. 

May the Source be with you.

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