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Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Rossland, British Columbia

Relentless Highway

“The highway is relentless here,” said Larry, a resident from the city of Trail.  Karuna and I spent the major portion of the day seeking alternatives to the Crowsnest Pass – Highway 3B which runs through Trail.  Larry, whose house we stumbled upon after being pleasantly surprised by his OM insignia at the end of his driveway, made his remark about the road and his experience.  If he were a motorist, you’d find the drive through this town a grinding ordeal as the road snakes along and climbs a mountain.  And the speed of traffic?  I was reminded of the lyrics by that old Sonny and Cher song, “The cars keep a movin’ faster all the time.” 

The alternative routes we took to circumvent the mad highway were:

1)      The neglected Wagon Road 800 (The old gold rush trail).
2)      The suburban street zigzagging which people call switch-backing.
3)      The very informal half baked trail along a steep slope that angles into the Columbia River

Other highlights of the day:

1)       Daruka, Our support driver, purchased a 21 speed mountain bike in mint condition for $40 to be used in our pedestrian service.
2)      A flyer circulating in the town of Salmo was promotion for two presentations at the SVYCC for mantra meditation and a Tales From Trails at the Salmo Library. 
3)      Our experience walking through Trail, BC, convinced us that this city take a more serious look at its name and provide the necessary.

Here’s how the flyer for Salmo reads:

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to meet THE WALKING MONK
The people!  The wildlife!  The beauty!  The oddities!
Always engaging and enthusiastic, this jolly swami gives talks and takes questions about his insightful and often breathtaking adventures across our great nation as he shares his ‘Tails From Trails’, and a bonus mantra mediation.

May the Source be with you!

27 KM

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