Friday, 6 June 2014

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Jaffray, British Columbia

Pulling Over

A man pulled over as I was walking on the Crowsnest Pass.  He just came from his nightshift work and asked, “Can I give you a ride?”

Quite routine, as far as my reply is concerned, but with some heart, I mentioned that I can’t accept a lift because my project doesn’t call for that.  I handed him my card with my name and short bio.  On the reverse side is the fully spelled out maha mantra beginning with “Hare Krishna”.  I qualified my role as a monastic person with a portfolio as a walker, a pilgrim, and how I wanted to see more people take care of their physical and spiritual selves.

The man wanted to know where I stay at night, and I let him know that I tent-it-out with a small support team.  He was compelled to reach into his pocket and pull out a twenty dollar donation.  This, I very much appreciated, and let him know that putting energy into this healing-the-heart while-hurting-the-heels is a worthy project. 

It was a rather brief exchange and wonderful.  This kind soul took the opportunity to be of service to others.

In the afternoon I met another man who pulled over, but it was obvious from his questions and gestures that his intentions were not very sattvic or clean.  I relayed to Michael the story and Michael who had also trekked the country mentioned that he had also met those types while on the journey. 

In a more compassionate moment, I managed to pull out a thought in wishing the man well after the incident, and I hoped that he would seek the opportunity for higher tastes in life, namely, the spiritual component.  I chose to reflect on the image that I saw between the exchanges of the two pulling-over people.  I had watched a herd of elk cross the river in the valley.  That was awesome, God’s mercy.  It left me sleeping with good thoughts.

May the Source be with you!

35 KM

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