Monday, 9 June 2014

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Kitchener, British Columbia

Trimming Down

In the first hour I may have two or three layers on to address morning chill.  Before long, comes off the hoodie.  The next hour, comes off my t-shirt underneath my traditional kurta (devotional shirt).  Even my safety vest I strip off due to there being enough sunlight by now.  In the third hour, I’m likely removing my socks.  By now, there’s nothing much left to peel off. 

The road brings with it warmth and coolness.  Asphalt appears to be a conductor of heat from the sun.  Although I can’t complain, temperatures remain below 22 degrees Celsius. 

Coolness arrives from the motorists who are on a passionate run to get to wherever.  Apart from the occasional happy honker, everyone else seems to be flying on the fuel of the greedy go.  No time to pay heed to a pedestrian.  I generally look for alternative wayside roads that angle along to meet the highway.  There, we find peace.  I did detour once, only to find myself at a cul-de-sac, a dead end.  A kind Mexican woman didn’t mind that I traversed her pasture land where I came upon the field’s corner.  My intent was to meet the highway again. Luckily the barbed wire on the fence didn’t entangle or rip my dhoti.  Remember, I’m as stripped down to as meagre as I’ll be after leaving Daruka with the extra burdensome clothing.  Finally, a quiet road lead me to the village of Kitchener, and to a juncture of the Crowsnest Pass.

One other thing seems to be missing these days.  Yes, of course, it’s Michael.  Michael is making the slow journey back to home, Toronto.   His allotted time with us has expired.  So, we’re down to three guys and one drama queen (Billie Jean, the parrot) and one crammed vehicle. 

We had a great swim in Vasa Lake, which relaxed muscles, and then took off for a visit to the Adi Vajra Shanehasalen asram.  Our connection with this community allowed us to make mutual relations.

May the Source be with you!

35 KM

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