Thursday, 4 September 2008

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Wed. Aug. 27/08 - Cork, Ireland

Today marked the start of a new personal frontier - Ireland. I had dreamed to visit the Emerald Isle for a long time so when student monk, Haridas, who had spent some time here previously, suggested I try walking the country it seemed enticing. After trekking Canada three times Ireland would seem simple enough.

The flight with stop-over at Amsterdam seemed like an all-nighter. I reached Cork Airport in Ireland close to noon and was greeted by Irish Krishna leader, Praghosa. I know him well from visits in India where we chum together for AGM meetings and dramas. Our three hour drive to Dublin was interrupted by a serious bike race coming through the town of Waterford. Praghosa and I decided to walk and loosen our limbs while north Ireland monk Premarnava waited in our pick-up vehicle until the traffic jam was over.

A trucker rolled down his window and shouted out, "Do you monks listen to jokes at all?". "Sure," we responded.
"What do they do with the bikes when the Tour de France is over?"
"I don't know"
With a big chuckle the trucker replied, "Re-cycle them!!"
Ans so I was met with the first taste of Irish joy. I consider it a great blessing to travel the world and to do the Irish leg of a world walk which officially starts Mon Sept 1st


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