Friday, 12 September 2008

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Thurs. Sep. 11/08 - Waterford, Ireland

The Holstein adjusted her two front legs, from the sleeping position and then hoisted up her large frame with rear legs. The rest of the herd followed suite. They then became mobile in a neat procession, off to the barn for milking. This is my view from route 676 southbound.

A cattle crossing then happened before Igor and I, causing traffic to stop. One Holstein stepped out of line and headed down the cow- plopped road. The anxious farmer chased after her and won her back in line with his upraised arms. I shouted “Its hard to keep them in order isn't “.

He chuckled, “This one always gets away “.

Wildlife near the road has it rough. Rabbits, hedgehogs and rats become easy “road pizza” after contacting tires.

People in Ireland are immersed in the sport hurling. Kilkenny won the championship and Waterford, the current city I am in, lost. Karma!! I found people in Kilkenny proud, while Waterford folks a bit easier to approach. I wonder why?

Mark Power of WLR FM radio interviewed asking about the pilgrimage. Cathy Power (no relation) had Ananta and I in the newspaper office for a good while filling us in on Irish current events. She was intrigued when I quoted the Bhagavad Gita “Where Krishna identifies himself with time. Time is the most powerful representation of God in this physical world “
Cathy was great.

The sun shined finally!! Kegs of beer line up outside taverns. People scurry about in the street. An elderly man offers the sign -of- the-cross gesture to an icon of Mary, the original Madonna. Life goes on in Waterford.

33 Km

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Bhakta Randy said...

So nice to be able to keep up with your days Maharaj!
I pray for your safety, although I know Lord Krishna will lead you wherever He wishes you to go.
Hari Bol!!!
Bhakta Randy