Thursday, 4 September 2008

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Fri. Aug. 29/08 - Dublin, Ireland

It was rather late at night after a lengthy dress rehearsal held above Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant on Abbey Street when a companion, also a monk named Ananta, and I were walking on North Strand when a full beer bottle was hurled at us, it managed to land on a soft surface near our feet. A drunk woman slurred out some incomprehensible words but we appreciated her generosity. I admit I was a bit jolted by the surprise and I wanted to let the woman standing four lanes across that I wasn't really interested in her beverage, being a monk. We decided it was best not to communicate with her. People misunderstand the likes and dislikes of a monk.

Earlier in the day I had been walking in the downtown looking for the Govindas location when at a junction on O'Connell Street I asked an elderly gentleman for directions. I was in my usual robed attire and the man, friendly enough, replied, "You go further on straight ahead. The shopping is good. You'll find Mark & Spencers up ahead, good cafes and pubs galore." I let it be and didn't want to disrespect the man by saying "Those are not my kind of places". I hope someday people will catch a glimpse into a monk's lifestyle. We shall be patient.


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