Friday, 24 April 2020

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Toronto, Ontario

How It Is, Was and Will Be

I was just completing my walk for the day when I received a call from one of our brahmin priests.  Like most people I’m in touch with these days, this bank employer was expressing his awe at how the world is at present and living with the doubt as to when all will normalize.  We both agreed through conversation that it will be a “different normal.”

I voiced my opinion that I wasn’t particularly fond of the old normal and that when we get over all of the shutdown existence there will be an adjustment and many things will simply gravitate to the ways of lust, anger and greed all over again.

Usually in all talks that I have it ends up on a good note. We spoke about all the current positive effects of the whole moratorium.  “Look at how some of the most polluted rivers are now going through a revival.  Also in many of the smog-ridden cities of the world, the sky can now be seen.  Wildlife is returning to areas where once it was theirs.  The atmosphere is knowing an enhanced peacefulness.”  All these dynamics are actually a big deal.

In fact before curfews, shutdowns and quarantines I used to wonder how long this madness of greed, noise, trash and the like will go on?  It certainly was no picnic at Algonquin Park.

“Life in the temple ashram,” I explained to my friend, “is full of shanti (peace) and we finish our day by reading a chapter of the book ‘Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.’”

Maybe Source be with you!

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