Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Toronto, Ontario

Some Pacing, Some Zooming

I only did some pacing in our temple room today, and chanted on my beads during that time. I kept myself grounded. The wet, gray weather of the outdoors didn’t necessarily beckon me. Besides, I was at the mercy of my service which required indoor attention.

Most importantly was the broadcast on “Zoom” (Zoom Cloud App-free from your App Store) delivering my message, and answering questions to members of the KCS (Krishna Consciousness Society)who are all young men starting off their careers. I would say the bulk of the interview centred on the walking I do. 

Parama G. was the coordinator. He initiated the questions, with one of the first being: “Please tell us about a significant impressional moment on one of the walks.“

And so I told of the encounter of the grizzly bear in Crow’s Nest Pass. “My support person and I were almost toast until the massive lorry came by and scared the furry—possibly 300 kg—mammal away. It was a very close call.“

There were questions about spiritual life, and how to effectively walk that path. And the answer to that is keeping good company. In fact, I could not have trekked roadways and forest paths, successfully, without having a good companion nearly to support me. I invited the listeners to join me on the Bruce Trail this spring. I will recommend tracking that footpath (Canada‘s oldest) sometime in late April or early May; and of course, only when this coronavirus has blown over.  Then all will be welcome!

May the Source be with you!
2 km (inside)

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