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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

The Black Beauty

We didn't realize that "Long & McQuade" music store was quite the distance.  We had not anticipated but the walk was good for us nevertheless.  Karuna, Connor and I were set for the trek to purchase a hand-held tambourine for kirtan sessions.  It so happens that musical instruments left in our temple room are often used and sometimes left in disrepair.  Such is the case with the beloved tambourine.

Once we entered the store, we directly asked for our sought-after item to replace the broken merchandise that has rendered such valuable service in kirtan. We were told that a selection can be found in the basement, so we went for the choices.

We didn't want to buy the most expensive piece, for fear that it will be too easily ‘lifted’.  We also were not keen to go for the cheapest, as history tells such items break down too fast.  Go for the one in the middle! was the satisfactory compromise within the mind. We made the purchase and partially subwayed our way back to the ashram to give it a home.

It really was another day for good walking, but with drizzle, a let-down for conducting chanting, as we could not repeat yesterday's experience in the neighbourhood of free spirits, in Kensington Market.  We look to tomorrow for a promising warmer day when we can try/test our new tambourine.  It is a black beauty.

If memory hasn't left me, Bob Dylan wrote a down-home, "Mr. Tambourine Man." Also in the sixties/seventies you had the Lemon Pipers sing a catchy "Green Tambourine."  Much later Prince sang, "Tambourine," which I guess is in the funk genre.  Anyway, we will play our instrument for Krishna's pleasure.

May the Source be with you!
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