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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Richmond Hill, Ontario

The Best Must Go On

Rhythm is something that everyone needs in their life.  (Gershwin wrote the song, “I Got Rhythm.”)  Even if you don’t think you are musically inclined, you must admit that you have a heartbeat inside of you and that is rather consistent, otherwise you are dead.  Everywhere there are happy beats, waves and currents all around us, declaring a kind of rhythm.

I see walking as a form of rhythm involving movement of body and leg with a consistent contact on and off the earth.  I believe that a certain quantity or quota of this natural rhythm of walking should be exerted everyday.  It makes me content at least.

Unfortunately today I could not under the circumstances find the moments to step outside to see to a quota of foot rhythm.  I was sold out to assisting people and it consumed my time. “Excuses! Excuses!”  I could say, but in truth it does work out that way sometimes.

To compensate for the lack of trekking-rhythm for the day, I found myself by commitment  at the home of Kishore, who lives in Richmond Hill.  Couldn’t walk there. Had to be driven.  It was another one of those ‘time’ or lack-of-it issues.  There in Kishore’s house was my friend Ananda, visiting from Edmonton.  He’s a master drummer, whether tabladjembe, or dolak.  He is recovering from some viral illness, but got up enough strength to see me and beat his best drum as a prelude to the drumming he will do for the summer’s “Ratha Yatra,”  The Festival of Chariots.  The beat goes on!

May the Source be with you!
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