Monday, 3 June 2019

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

Where We Like To Be

Karuna Sindhu and I hung out at the park in Kensington—well, we didn't really "hang out."  We had a purpose and that was connecting with people through drum and mantra.

Sandra came to join us today, along with her Colombian hubby and their young daughter. They drop in to the temple/ashram from time to time and even host kirtan at their home.

There were a lot of other people "hanging out."  One dude in his early twenties was convinced he's Spider Man. He climbed up the wash/rest room in full attire and spun a rope in the air.  He got down and with thick string webbed from tree to tree trying to impress.

The cannabis-smoking gets thick in the air here.  Grass is the stuff.  People also lie on it—the sod.

This is a place for all, I would say.  Young and old come here.  It's part of a Toronto Free Spirit world.  It's a change for Karuna and myself as well.  We are generally associating with conservatives, but here in Bellevue Park it is a more radical liberal scene.

We both decided to walk back to the ashram while helpful Gaurachandra drove back our instruments.  We walked Augusta Avenue, busy like anything with street musicians and such, and then through quiet residential roadways all in top bloom with trees and bushes, and people out on porches and decks.  It's just a great day.  The world is shining.

We arrived back in time for our weekly reading and sharing of the book, Nectar of Devotion.  It's always a fine time when resident devotees come together.

May the Source be with you!
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