Saturday, 9 February 2019

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Longdenville, Trinidad

Across the Street

Across the street from our temple is a neighbourhood called Cashew Gardens.  Well, on such an early trek as five of us took today, scouting each little side street in this hood, it was hard to find cashew trees.  Dogs, we got to know—practically every last one.  Most are chained or behind a fence, thank God.

The special treat, concerning today, was a visit to the beach.  It's where my friend, Agnidev, and I went.  There were caves to explore—or perhaps not to explore.  You don't know when sedimentary rock will cave-in from above.  The water was simply a pool for pleasure, and a place to bond and chill.  The turn-out for the swim, the food, and the Bhagavatam class on the sand was phenomenal.

The evening brought additional joy at the home of Radhe Shyam and Kamalaksha.  Their house-event drew two-hundred people whom we engaged in song, dance, and listening to the lila of the Lord, or what I call, LOL. ;o)

Going to these two locations involved traveling quite some distance, unlike the walk across the street to Cashew Gardens.  You know, most people are unaware of the treasures that lie nearby.  From your very own home, apartment or room, there may be a street or pathway relatively close, beckoning to be walked on.  If some places are more dubious than others, and Trinidad is known for crime, then have some companions with you or, like I said recently to a group in Round Rock, Texas, "Start a japa walking club.  You'll get both physical and spiritual enrichment."

May the Source be with you!
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