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Monday, February 4th, 2019

Freeport, Trinidad

Another Country

My stay in Guyana is over.  Prabhupadev, the manager of the Nimai Pandit Study Centre, arranged for a group of young men plus himself to accompany me to the airport. From there the group would go for fun at "Splash," some water event. These men, after all, deserved it. Basically they did all the work in organizing the Padayatra over the last weekend. It was intense. They were happily engaged, which is the formula to combat the over-stimulating and yet wearisome world that is now recognized as a chronic problem for the i generation (iGen).

God bless them!

Now, I'm in Trinidad, and was greeted by Umapati from our centre in Longdenville. On our drive to there, Umapati told of when my dear god-brother and colleague from Canada, Sridhara Swami (now  passed away) walked to the temple, came face-to-face with a dog and challenged him. He took a firm stand and shouted, "HUT!" something our guru did with aggressive dogs in India. Well this didn't work for Sridhara when on his visit to Guyana. The dog lunged forward and left him with a deep bite.

I know from walking in Trinidad that there's a plentiful supply of three things: oil, cars and dogs. All are some of my pet peeves; nevertheless, the people are sweet.

We experienced this with their response to Trinidad's version of Padayatra. A member of Parliament, Mr.  Singh, came for the opening ceremony. The  people at their homes responded favourably, and so did the many dogs.

May the Source be with you!
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