Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Monday, January 28th, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

Fun Through Storms

I actually had a blast in the ‘blast’. Yes, indeed, the wind picked up today and tossed twenty-plus centimetres of snow into the air.  I see it as a dance–a romance perhaps–snow and wind in a waltz.

I felt pity for motorists in either ‘stand-still’ traffic, or a ‘crowd’ of cars.  "Suckers," I could say, but I will refrain.  I felt joy by passing them all along Yonge Street. There was music in the air with tires creating that grinding effect as they turn in attempted traction.  In the distance, sirens sounded, and although descending snow tends to buffer noise, human gab and laughter wasn't necessarily silenced.  Some pedestrians were liking the trudge as much as I.

It was something different.  A dynamic more intense than usual.  You might resolve, within, that it could be worse.  The best consolation I ever heard was, "Yah gotta live with it.  Yah might as well love it."

Meanwhile on the West Coast in the Lower Mainland, I'm hearing, "We haven't had a snowflake this year.  The mountains around here (Vancouver) have few snow caps. It means a dry summer and forest fires."

"Well," I said to the BC resident over the phone, "I'd be happy to send some of the white stuff over your way if I could, but I don't have the power."

That is the major point of deliberation.  A snow-blizzard like this humbles us and allows us to realize there's a greater controller up in the clouds.  Probably people think less about divorce during a storm. Yes, we must team up together.  At least at the pedestrian level, people try to help each other when the opportunity arises: "Here let me help you get over the snow bank," or, "I've got a shovel.  I'll clear your driveway for you."  That's being neighbourly.

May the Source be with you!
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