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Krishna As Messenger

Krishna was known to play a flute, to dance, to fight, and yes, to run and walk.  He is also known as Partha Sarathi, a chariot driver for friend and warrior, Arjuna.  He drives.

In fact the famed dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna, the one that became the talk which altered Arjuna’s mind completely, took place after the brief ride with Krishna via chariot and horses.  It was stationary at the time of the discussion—stationary in order that Arjuna could have a clear look at the illusions of the world.

The Lord then spoke eloquently.  Arjuna listened.

Before that, it was Krishna who solely went off to speak to the vile Duryodhana.  In an attempt to plea for peace and appeal for fairness, acting as messenger on behalf of the Pandavas, Krishna delivered a proposal.  He came humbly to adversary, Duryodhana, requesting five villages which the pious five Pandavas could rule over.  Diplomacy was applied.

Through a rigged game of dice, the Pandavas lost their land and kingdom.  Only after an exile period was there a promise for land to be returned.  But Duryodhana did not comply with a previous agreement.  Krishna was disappointed in Duryodhana’s unwillingness to be co-operative.  He was even angered as an attempt for peaceful settlement providentially failed.

Krishna was in no way about to play the flute, dance, run or walk.  His journey was by horse and chariot and he was intent on delivering the bad news that war would prevail before there would be peace.

May the Source be with you!

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