Sunday, 4 March 2018

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Columbus, Ohio

A Liquid Liquor-Free Fun Day

From Toronto, I flew to Detroit, and then Cleveland, before being driven to Columbus by good friend, Avadhut.  The drive was pleasant because of the smooth hills of Ohio.  Nice scenery!  The weather was a drencher.  Early spring.  We hope.

I arrived at the Columbus ISKCON centre in time to browse at the new site of Hare Krishnaland for ISKCON Greater Columbus.  Nice property.  Good neighbours.  That’s a $10 million project up and going, starting with drawing the lines for the architectural blueprints.

The Mother Centre, located on 8th Avenue, was the venue for the Gaura Purnima Fest.  The event entailed a ritual called abhishek, with one interruption—my talk.  The verse I spoke about from Canto 11.5.32 of the Bhagavatam, tells us of the golden avatar, Sri Chaitanya, who was born in 1486, in West Bengal, and how he introduced mantra-murti, God in sound representation.  He bonded with people, and was extremely inclusive of having everyone join in this unique spiritual expression of emitting sound. 

Back to the event, Djembes (West African Drums) were used.  There were enough Afro-Americans in the sound to put out the rhythm that excites.  The prasadam was simply amazing.

It is always like that.  The magic of Sri Chaitanya unfolds every year on this day, wherever you are.

May the Source be with you!

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