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Monday, March 19th, 2018

Hilo, Hawaii

Getting Around

There are numerous islands which constitute the Hawaiian Islands.  Today, Gurudas, Anala, Mayapura Lila and I made contact with the Big Island, the Hawaiian Island via Hawaiian Airlines.  A rented car took us to Hilo where we went to Mahesh and Brhan’s home in Kana.  My goodness, they are fine musicians.  Mahesh plays the flute and Brhan, the harp.  They teach music and here they chanted for us.

Altitude is rather high at mountain Maunakea.  They air was thin.  There was a drizzle and fog, whipped by a real cold chilly breeze to accompany it.  There really wasn’t much you could see, however. On the way up and down, you view these lava rocks of varying colours.  Black rock was so stark, and the gray rock, hard to traverse.  This is all lava turned hard.

The native folks have a version of the Lava Goddess, Pele, within Hawaiian mythology.  Her hair appears like the flow of the hot stuff itself.

One true highlight of the day was a visit to Urmila, my godsister.  She’s a grandmom and soon to be a great grandmother.  She’s also a scholar, actress—I have engaged her in theatre in the past—teacher and author.  Also a cook.  She cooked up a wholesome meal of bean soup, homemade bread and guacamole—ingredients all local.

The day was wet but the soul never gets that way.

May the Source be with you!

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