Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Friday, March 16th, 2018

Toronto / San Francisco / Honolulu

Moving West

Long, stretched out airport wings or corridors became my only walking venues for the day.  Long was the day—an additional six hours going west to Honolulu with stopover in San Francisco.  In San Fran I had the opportunity to call, write and wait, also to reflect.  My reflections were mostly a delving into the past few days.

When at the home of Janmastami, before a group of young and old, some compliments came my way.  “You had the students from the Academy in stitches!” regarding the class given.  “That was the best Bhagavatam class in five years.”  Also, there was a generous remark, a big “Thank you!” in reference to the completed walk across the U.S.  I pray that such kind statements don’t go to my head.

My reflections of gratitude also go to Murari Gupta who put me up and took me around in Miami, as well as to Ananta Shesha, my good host at Alachua, Florida, his wife Vaishnavi and their sons, Aravind and Gopal, who are both good at the mrdunga.

My anticipation of a good week in Hawaii is strong.  A Kirtan Standards session is up for my presentation, in addition to speaking on the system of varnashram—the four social and spiritual orders.  I also look forward to nature’s presentation, including a trip to the Big Island where there’s a promise of the flow of lava.  Thanks to Gurudas for getting me to Honolulu and the application of mustard oil on knees, legs and feet.  There was a decent follow-up dose.

May the Source be with you!

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