Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Brampton, Ontario

Let’s Start

It’s March, and although it’s not quite the growing season just yet, it might be an idea to begin thinking about, even planning out, what you’ll grow in the spring.  Some months ago, I visited the household of Murli Manohar, a resident of Brampton, born in India.  I encouraged him to consider doing some urban gardening.

He liked the idea, and my visit today was a follow-up.  “Hey, let’s do something about it; produce some veggies and fruit, and offer them to Krishna and eat nutritiously.”  Some friends, Rajasuya, Rahul, Hatish and families, came by for their usual Friday night eats and talk.

So we talked about the joys of growing things, and I quoted some letters from our guru, Prabhupada, who encouraged that kind of progressiveness and simplicity.

“This simple life is very nice.  Simple village life saves time for other engagements like chanting.”  Also, he wrote, “Gandhi had this idea.”  And more, “We can produce our own food and clothes gradually, and save time for spiritual food.”  Again, “As far as possible try to adjust to a natural way of life.”

The above were messages of encouragement to his students.  Basically, he was supportive of agriculture.  Here in Brampton, we are not ready for full-on farm life.  We were simply discussing about doing as the Italians do—use every extra inch of dirt to grow some tomatoes, grapes, coriander and such.  We also talked about foraging, and just overall getting educated in wild plant life and getting our hands dirty.  Going green!  Going smart!  That’s the way to go!  Let’s start!

May the Source be with you!

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