Friday, 2 March 2018

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Brampton, Ontario

Teeth and Legs

Whenever I go to the dental clinic, I bring with me a bag of goodies.  Today, it was just apples and oranges meant for the dental staff.  The large produce market wasn’t yet open, so I settled for what the local convenience store had to offer.  The lady in front of me, by the purchase counter, took forever.  Her legs were shaking from some condition.  I felt for her, and even more so when I saw her pulling out card after card to check for a lottery win.  It went on.

Anyway, I got my apples and oranges.  The staff were pleased, including Naomi.  She was my dental cleaner for the day.  She asked, “Are you a Hindu…?”  She didn’t know what to say.  I spared her with, “I’m a monk, a Hare Krishna monk.”

“Oh, I’ve been to your festival on the Island (referring to the Toronto Island, and Ratha Yatra).  I love it.  All that singing and dancing.”

“Did you just happen to be there and bump into us?” I asked.

“No, I went specifically to experience it.”

Naomi also told me she’s done three walks involving traveling the entire length of Queen Street, Bloor Street and Yonge Street, from Newmarket to the Lake (Ontario).  These are, of course, actual marathon-length walks.  She did admit to fear of dogs in more remote countryside places.

“Do dogs bother you?” she asked.

“Not much, but mosquitoes, they are something else.”

She also shared her love for George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord,” and how it just raises your spirit.

May the Source be with you!

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