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Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Owen Sound, Ontario

A Day of Worth

Garuda Vahan had been my support person on Canwalk #3 and was responsibly with me from British Columbia to the Manitoba / Ontario border.  It was he and I who had the encounter with a grizzly bear near Castlegar.  Well, it was time to pay him a visit in his town of Owen Sound, since his brother of two years his junior, Terry, just passed away. My good friend, Garuda, 70, needed a bit of consoling, being that the two brothers were close.

Nanda from Brampton drove me to the northern town that is Garuda’s home.  There, his son, Tulasi, also resides with him, in a well kept, old town hall, now residence.

Vida came along to visit.  She’s a young fire-spinner—who is very good at it—and friend of the family.

We all had great prasadam—blessed vegetarian fare—and kirtan, and then proceeded to walk to Hibou Conservation Area at the edge of Georgian Bay.  The water was populated by hundreds of geese and then sea gulls.  With intent to go for a refreshing swim, we plunged in and the water fowl moved over.  A few flaps of their wings did it.  They didn’t leave altogether.  It’s nice to think that perhaps they wanted our company nearby.

After days of a blazing heat wave in this part of the country, we now felt a drastic drop in temperature, but the waters were still warm.  Rajesh came in for the splash as well.

Our next move was a brief trip to Gopan’s house.  He’s been living like a recluse for years in a cabin in the bush.  Garuda arranged for us to visit him.  Gopan pulled out a massive, vintage, atlas and turned to the page for the USA.  “Mark the route you took across the U.S.,” he smoothly requested. I did, with a highlighter, after a meaningful hug.  I hadn’t seen the fellow for years.  For Gopan, Garuda and I, it  was a heart-felt day with spirit-brothers coming together.

May the Source be with you!

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