Monday, 9 October 2017

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

Turned 65

On past birthdays, I would take a trip northbound and explore abandoned fields, for walking with a purpose.  That purpose had much to do with seeking out apple trees yielding varieties of fruit that have been forgotten.  You’ll be surprised what kind of flavours were savored, and from thereof, I collected the seeds for a notable seed bank.

Well, today I didn’t leave the city, but rather took two Montrealers and one Calgarian down the trail by the Brickworks where I did my initial training for the extreme walking I do at times.  These companions had a sweet time.  At one residential front yard, we took a moment of solitude and literally “took time to smell the roses.”

What a birthday experience!

The evening was a bit more boisterous.  A planned party ensued.  It included chanting, a puja to guru, Prabhupada, a foot bathing—mine—some words of appreciation, a cake, more chanting, a gorgeous video produced by Abhidheya—also featured on YouTube, access   and the presentation to me of a new book for children called The Walking Monk, an illustrated book written by Anna Milagrits (aka Ananda Rupa Devi Dasi)  published  by Samhita press, with pictures by Olena Yanko.

These last two were utter surprises that made the evening very special.

What a birthday celebration!

I also took the liberty of saying something to the crowd about achieving the proper aim in life.  “It is the lotus feet of the Supreme we must target, and not let loose and go ‘gun happy’ on innocent people”—referring to the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.

The world needs a calming and healing.

May the Source be with you!

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