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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Breathing Space

The title of this entry says it all. We went to the ‘Breathing Space Yoga and Wellness Centre’ today where we did just that. On the ground floor of this new condo building you enter a spacious room with air a little stifling. Lights low and neutral colours for walls, decor is nil except for the bust of Buddha. We made ourselves home here for three hours.

Set-up means to lay out a table with Prabhupada's books for sale, chairs put out in the back, and typical yoga mats placed in the front to face a chair (for me) and more mats for the mrdanga (drum) player Chaitanya, harmonium played by Mukunda and karatalas chimed in by Etienne.

People trickled in and at the start of the presentation I began speaking from a chair, about the power of chanting. I didn't say much. I moved rapidly towards the mantras. Boy did they ever chant.

The key to realizing this is by choosing a simple melody. What also added to the success of the evening was the dance. This is where breathing came into play. It is obvious that some folks are out of step but it is those people that work harder than to those who pick it up so naturally.

Once again, we keep everything simple, even the steps. Those with highlander blood understand the value of dance whether they are a pro or a con when it comes to keeping in time. I would say the muscles used for smiling expanded as the minutes wore on, especially when it came to free-style by each and all, when they have their moment on the dance floor. This is the crescendo of the night before mingling with each other.

Feedback on all of this was super super positive. "The Breathing Space" on Cobourg Rd. was filled with bhakti as much as it was breath.

May the Source be with you!

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