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Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015
Windsor, Ontario

Trains Rate

I like the train system as a mode of transportation. It doesn’t exceed walking, but it’s up there in my ratings. From Union Station in Toronto the Via Rail set sail for destination Windsor, which is an end of the line train track destination.

Indeed the journey which is less than four hours takes you to the most southern tip of Canada for at some points you look north to see sections of the US in Detroit, strange as it seems.

The train station in Windsor is spanking new. I guess the old building was demolished or recycled for other purposes. I was greeted by a friendly crew that was armed with a drum and karatalas (hand cymbals), all being played together. There was Deva-Madhava and Vivasvan, my support person for the recent walk through Northeastern USA.

The recent snow deluge here had all melted and drained away. Walking was conducive and there was time to kill before a planned house blessing at someone’s new home. So the small group of us took to the well laid out trail along the Detroit River. The river, which is usually of a fine blue tint, appeared rather greyish from all the meltdown.

Our trek was laced and graced with talks about everything from Krishna’s service to political opinions. All were concerned for what to do about a crazy world. An hour and a half passed by, and we had practically reached the Ambassador Bridge when we realized we were running late. We then rushed to the home of our hosts for kirtan chanting, prasadam eating, and exchanges of fine words.

Weather wise, it was a gloomy day, but gloominess did not reflect on what was held in our hearts.

May the Source be with you!

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