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Friday, January 15th, 2016

Friday, January 15th, 2016
Houston, Texas

Survival Mindset

It was a breeze walking along the edge of 34th Street. At the early hour of 2:20 AM there is no car in site. I had begun walking with my daily prescribed japa meditation, and as I hit the pavement, there was tranquility. Save and except for two cats who were either mating, fighting, or both, all was tranquil. Out from the alleyway, emerged a white cat that dashed past me like a bullet and vanished into the dark obscurities of the night, while a black cat followed slowly along in the same direction.

There were stray dogs as well, meeting and then dispersing, perhaps only to repeat the same routine again. I did not stay hot on their trail in order to find out details of their goings on.

In the plenary meeting held later in the afternoon, our presenter, Officer Daniel of the Houston Law Enforcement, spoke about active shooters. This was a presentation of a different kind. Being that we live in a terroristic and gun happy world, more and more awareness and education is being delivered on how to prepare for a trigger happy megalomaniac. It was shocking to hear from Officer Daniel that you’re safer to hang out at a bar at night than to be in a school as a student or a worshipper at church.

We viewed a dramatization of a gunman entering a corporate building during business hours, how he succeeded at killing some office workers while others smartly escaped. The mantra in the mind for responding to an active shooter is, “Run, Hide, Fight”. This is called the survival mindset.

I do believe that our group listening became more educated in this department of defense. I couldn’t help thinking how we have all become a part of a cat and dog civilization.

May the Source be with you!

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