Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Time Goes By

Khedive, Saskatchewan

Time goes by so quickly when walking. 4 AM is suddenly 5 AM and then 6 AM and so on and on and on. The scenery change, the weather change from dark to light to bright, the interaction with people are all fillers to the time factor.

The chanting which I do during the mobile process also offers a kind of groundedness or gravity to the otherwise irritable mind. For certain, the Hare Krishna mantra keeps me from a weary state of being, it gives energy. When speaking about the physical world there’s nothing that can infuse and enthuse you with optimum thought like when you are under the open prairie skies. The sky tells you to unleash, to dream, to be creative, to rise to the spirit of freedom and to giving and to offering your whole self to the world and the Creator.

Yet, that said and done, there is not a day that perfectly lays itself out. For me there is always going to be some leg and foot issue, and in the case of today, an harassing sun, but that’s alright. This is to be accepted as the nature of the world with all its dualities. How can we develop an evenness of mind unless dualities are honoured? Count your blessings, my friends.

My blessing was partially felt in spending the balance of the day in a room at Circle 6 Motel, compliments of owner Aswin Brahmini, a Gurjurati gentlemen. He’s been arranging an East Indian meal of chapattis, rice and subji, even in the thick of his busy schedule.

I had put in a good day of trekking practically without stoppage once it begun. Meanwhile Daruka constantly chats with residents of Weyburn, and also clicks away with his camera. Today, his main subject was grasshoppers which are numbering in millions on the road. He caught one grasshopper couple mating. He positioned his camera and as he put it, “They gave me a look as if to say, ‘Do you mind?’”

My relationship with these jumping bugs is as an observer. So many of them get ruthlessly crushed under the wheels of the motorists. Then, to respond to the tragedy, their cohorts come to the victim and either feast on them or reverentially stand by in sadness. I’m not sure what are the dynamics.

Are there any grasshopper gurus out?

30 KM

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