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Monday, August 26th, 2013

Switching Trails

Weyburn, Saskatchewan

It was not a snap decision but one that was well thought out. Daruka and I decided we had to switch roads. Highway 18, although cutting through nice landscape, was becoming a challenge. In spots, it turns into gravel and where paved, it becomes uneven, quite hazardous to the wheels of our support car, a’93 Mercury Grand Marquis. Okay for my feet though. The area was becoming quite barren with population sparse. We decided to leap north to the highway parallel to us, Highway 13. Locals tell us it was a wise decision.

The move brought us to the city of Weyburn, population 11,000. This is where Tommy Douglas started his career. For those readers who are not Canadian, I’ll mention that he was voted as being the most popular Canadian being the father of medicare in Canada. Having your medical needs met is precious for residents of this big country.

Before Daruka had a chance to get into 103.5’s radio station with our walking story, the station was already informed by a motorist who saw me trekking, “You can’t believe what I just saw…” phoned in the person. The description of a monk on foot ambling his way through town excited the crew and as they were just making their way out the door, Daruka popped in with Billy perched on his shoulder. The radio hosts came out to search and caught up with me and Daruka. After the interview, our message with photo was put on line entitled, “On a Wing and a Prayer”.

For my 2nd instalment of walking today, motorists seem to respond to that message. Again, people are so nice. The route here is primarily agribusiness and less of the oil industry. By nature’s way the road here is lined with the potent fragrance and presence of chamomile. Hawks continue to be in flight above on this new route.

Sometimes the heat hits you hard. If someone stops and they want to talk, the heat appears to dissipate. There is nothing like communicating about the virtues of reflective walking and of the simple lifestyle. One fellow who stopped while on his way to the oil pipes said, “Hey, I’ve just finished reading Sharma’s book, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’.” This true story tells of a man’s successful business ventures and how he came close to a life threatening illness. That turned him to the life of simplicity and taught him that less is more.

31 KM

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