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Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Chilling at the Bluffs

Scaraborough, Ontario

The cliffs or bluffs at Lake Ontario's edge just east of Toronto are naturally impressive. This was the site of the 4th year anniversary of the sankirtan events that take place monthly. Resident monks and lay members from the Krishna community make the public more accessible to the One with the Blue Skin and the message of gold, the Bhagavad-Gita by being on the streets with mantras and books.

In a less formal style and minimal structure the group converged at the park at the bluffs, which to my speculation are a delicate piece of mother nature's wonder. This likely explains why the man-made park is acting as a barrier to powerful water waves that could erode the bluffs.

I was asked by organizers R. Mohan and S. Mohini to conduct a walk while sweet corn was being barbecued and spiced with lemon juice and chat masala. Yummy! The walk along the meandering path actually turned into a herbal trek. Plants and trees which I could identify for their appearance, smell, and divine properties became known to the group. Whatever little I have received on the subject began with the marathon walks. We were looking at the chickory, burdock, cedar, thistle, plantain, jewel-weed, sumac, and so many more.

A clear point to ponder and a question I posed, "we know models of cars but do we know our plants?" When asked I received a response. I saw a few faces light up tinged with silly embarrassment.

A gorgeous white crane stood like a sage amidst water lilies. It was a divine spot for sure. I think we broke his meditation. He went in flight.

Several of us blokes took to swimming while others, crazed over the sport, cricket, went their way.

This was just another one of those chill-out sessions; much needed for those devotionally engaged in a bee-hive of activity. The regimen and service-oriented life of bhakti can be taxing and therefore a breath of fresh air in the form of bluff-gazing is sometimes necessary. One thing is, I'm the lucky one who gets to hop from one chill-out to the next.

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