Friday, 2 August 2013

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

In Some Way

North York, Ontario

Connie and Pauline are both sisters of mine in their fifties, while Jordon, Connie's son, is a young university-aged guy. They and I teamed up for a walk along the Don West River where water was gushing forth from the previous night's stretched-out rainfall. It became a familial walk as much as it was naturally and aesthetically pleasing.

We got caught up in things; new with anything to do with the views of Ralph Nader to recounting walking monk encounters with people and to the notation of vegetation all around us to the Pope's recent remarks about gay people. The hearing and chatter of subject matters held a full range that took us all over the world. Our minds were immersed in past and current affairs. We actually left the Don River several times mentally before it was time to terminate the walking for snacks at Pauline's - cucumber chunks to dip into a batch of her homemade hummus.

It's occasions like this that gives me a chance to insert a little something about spirituality. My kith and kin always show some interest. There's never been hostility or major resistance when the subjects have surfaced. I've resigned to the fact that I won't convert but to play the role of brother and uncle. I can't resist, in their company, to poke at their regular carnivorous eating habits. It's their customary choice and there's not much I can do.

Anyways, this is more or less an annual kind of coming together and with the very little baby steps taken to evolve, I believe we all are moving forward in some way.

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