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Monday, February 25th, 2013

Daruka Was Wondering

Mayapura, West Bengal

Daruka was wondering what the heck the howling was. At 1AM I awoke after a great rest and from our room 505 in the Gada Building hearing the howling and yelping could be a startling sensation.
“They’re jackals. They are in the hundreds. It’s normal but being a full moon they’re especially loud,” I told him.

I paced the hall outside our room chanting the maha-mantra and when the chorus had been arrested, an owl’s hoot dominated the sky. Unlike Canada where much wildlife is in slumber, in India, whether day or night, something is in flight or in slither or in a soft trot.

I had come to Mayapura for AGM purpose and for what is also close to my heart, preparing stage productions. I had pre-arranged, via e-mail, for commitments from those inclined towards acting. Some confirmed they were on board. The balance of the actors needed was purely based on desire. Well, people come, more than enough without any public announcement or even a mention.
I took the spirit that I will desire and let be what will be.

I meditated on how one must be submissive to Krishna and then things started happening. I also pondered the saying, “Man proposes, God disposes!”

I also thought of a segue to that could be, “Man opposes! God exposes!

I certainly made it a point to try to align my wishes with the wishes of the divine. This way I’m not proposing anything outrageous nor am I trying to work against the grain of God. Just co-operate.
As part of the strategy to work in divine compliance, I encouraged the walk with my two Canadian pilgrims, Maha Mantra and Daruka to walk to the Yoga-pith; the place where God contacts the earth. With a tireless stroll to Yoga-pith, we did have the good fortune to go to the most sacred spot by the neem to remind us of the tree under which the historical event and place of Chaitanya’s birth.
And what is He significant for? Answer: Walking and encouraging all those in every town and village to chant the maha-mantra .

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