Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Show Your Face

Toronto, Ontario

I'm an advocate of moving the legs and that is not just limited to walking. I applaud cyclists all the same. Why?

Well, for ONE, I appreciate the favour they are doing for themselves. The exercise is good.. And TWO, I can see them. I can, as a walker, capture the demeanour on their face. "The face is the index of the mind," our guru, Srila Prabhupada used to say.

With motorists you just can't see them and especially when windows are rolled up and with tinted windows it's worse. It's like a secret agency. What are you trying to hide? It's like people who wear shades. Even when not sunny some sport their sunglasses. What mystique are you trying to create for yourself? Be open. Get out from behind - the shades, the machines. Experience life, man!

I had the good benefit to trek west on Danforth and then later on east on Bloor. They are the same street with a name change at a particular juncture. Two seperate cyclists started chanting Hare Krishna upon seeing me as they whizzed by. Nods and other greetings come from pedestrians but mostly the response was one of indifference. It's city life. It's hard to acknowledge every bloke on the block, for sure.

My basic conclusion for this day's run (or I mean to say 'walk') is that motorists outnumber pedestrians, and that most humanoids prefer to be in a box, even when there's a choice.

We were not born in a box and many of us will not go in a box after the final breath. Many of us will choose fire to exit with. So, what's with the box?

14 Km

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