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Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Desire and Reciprocation

Toronto, Ontario

I don't know sometimes about the power of God and the power of desire and how they come together. Here's my experience. I make no claim to be on a mystical platform but I can testify that someone is listening to some wishes.
 In the summer of 2007 I did walk through the city of Saskatoon, situated in the middle  of the vast prairies. I pondered deeply on how it would be nice to have a gathering place for Krishna Consciousness in this city. Months later I received the news that a very sincere couple from Toronto, who were successful at conducting sangas (spiritual gatherings) in their home, were being transferred to Saskatoon. They are settled now in that city with their young son and daughter and utilize their facility for sanga functions.

Two summers ago during a contemplative sit-down at Spadina and Bloor, I wished for a place where university students could come and learn about the science of self-realization. I had mentally circled out the place on a second floor at that juncture. Lo and behold Krishna (the supreme mystic) secured that spot through the efforts of a dynamic young lady, Mangal Arti, the Bhakti Lounge facilitator.
After two years the lease expired and Mangal has been struggling since that expiry to find an ideal place. Finally she endeavoured and found -a spot so unique. No deal or deed has been signed yet, but it's close.

I desired to venture there on foot when all was quiet, 3 AM, to see the place.

I had not elucidated on the story of a house recently in Nova Scotia for training monks but it does involve prayer, wishing, and some precision scouting.

In practically all such cases wishing and walking were components to claiming locations. Miracles you might call them but then God can do anything.

Hey, what about this? Let's wish and pray very strongly at every corner of town. If this formula has a good batting average then why not apply it in as many places as possible. The thing to remember is, "I am not the controller!"

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