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Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Most Important

Mayapur, West Bengal

The most important thing for those of us who have made vows before the guru is to fulfill our prescribed number of chants on our beads. The minimum standard is sixteen times on a strand of beads per day. A strand of beads or mala carries on hundred and eight beads. The commitment or obligation is 108 mantras times 16 on a daily basis.

The earlier in the day this can be accomplished, the better.

The chanting sets a foundation - a tone for the day.

Generally my chanting is completed by 6 AM. This frees me up for the on the average every other day drama practices at 7 AM with the youth. Today, we hit a marathon level. With three recorders and three cameras, we filmed our little gem, "Krishna the 8th Boy." After an eight hour marathon taken for its preparation and shoot in the sunken samadhi auditorium, I got to see the light of day.

It was actual ecstasy to see the project filmed. Now post production or editing will take its time.

Our troupe of actors and the 'techies' exhibited true patience. The time taken to be filmed only allowed for preparedness of the evening program when we staged 'the 8th Boy' at the pandal (tent) program. All went well. The stars shone. As the production has it, 'the 8th Boy' culminates with a scene of the rasa dance, Krishna's dalliance with his liberated souls.

Our young American actor conveys this so well in the role as Krishna. As expressed in the words of a female director of plays who happens to bear the same name as myself - Bhaktimarga - "Godruma Goura pulls it off so well. It's not an easy thing to portray. It can be cheesy but here he does it justice."

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