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Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Get Your Feet Wet

London, Ontario
"I really miss this," remarked my dear friend, Gaura, now a resident in this (what they call) the Forest City. We had laid down a madras on the grass of Victoria Park to chant and deliver our message of kirtan when Gaura expressed that he hadn't had the chance to do this since he moved here six months ago when he partnered up with Susan, a devotee of Krishna, and whose husband perished from cancer.
When a mission-driven type person like Gaura enters into a new city where there is no centre and pioneers it, it can be an adventurous pursuit. But, if for an extended period he feels like the endeavour is 'solo', or under-staffed, it may get a little discouraging. Fortunately Susan is supportive and Gaura himself is a dynamo who has no inhibitions about approaching and talking to people.
I always admired this about him. As we sat in the lotus position chanting there with him switching back and forth from guitar to harmonium, he would greet and start talking to those gravitating to our chanting group. I also saw how he entered and led us into a suburban eco-park in a most bold way after sun fall. It was our time to wind down and get that exercise in. There was mud and it was dark.
That's the spirit, Gaura! Get your feet wet. Courageously, get in there (London, Canada) and help raise the consciousness.
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