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Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

What About Buffalo

Buffalo, New York

I do pop into the city of Buffalo, a smooth 2 hour drive from Toronto, from time to time. Today, I came to the Greyhound bus station to pick up some goods belonging to our little theatre department. There have been occasions where I've come to this city to conduct sangas (devotional gatherings), leave a message of the Gita, chant with people, and so on. Every time I come here I fuel up inside with a missionary's sentiment.

"Why do we not have a permanent place for Krishna Consciousness in Buffalo?" I ask and throw in the ether. Buffalo has been a place of where in the late 60s to early 70s so much receptivity came from the young and hip. Many of those sincere seekers of the truth came forward to join the ranks of Krishna Consciousness and are to this day, committed members of the Krishna Consciousness society. It is rather heart wrenching to see this very sizable city lie fallow.

I have had to ask myself if I could stretch myself more to dedicating or adding on to my list of destinations that I am already responsible for. Therefore, I am making an appeal out there to the world of Vaishnav teachers if they would consider the incredible potential. Consider virgin territory, wild and wonderful, ready for a breath of fresh incensed air.

There are lots of potential places starving for a higher consciousness. It doesn't require a huge amount of capital to begin. A small place with warmth and charm is all that is required to attract people on the search for that more lofty purpose.

If anyone has some interest in an adventure to pioneer a neglected space and to re-open a great city for the message of the Gita, then I'm happy to collaborate and help in anyway.

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