Friday, 2 September 2011

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

I Was Found

Toronto, Ontario

I went on this crazy hunt for my lost keys. I traced back every step I took on the previous day as I lost the darn things while walking. I shouldn't say 'darn' because, of course, they are very precious and dear to the services I render to humanity. After my japa meditation beads which I carry with me wherever I go, my keys are just about everything to me.

After an incredible effort in a serious search, I resigned to 'letting go' of what could not be found. At least I got some walking in. I tried and looked everywhere. I checked in a Starbucks where I sat down at its outdoor cafe at the last leg of the walk to chit chat and chant with my walking partner. I checked out the tree in the ravine where I eliminated some water, but to no avail... What to do?

At least I don't feel lost. I believe I was found in the summer of '72 when I met those bald-headed freaky monks on Yonge St. Then again, I spoke with three cut from the same cloth when visiting Vancouver Island. Sudbury was the place where they really nailed me with warmth and personal touch. I invited them to stay over at my apartment. This all happened in the span of five months. I stand for a correction. In late March of '73 I packed in my bags and entered the Hare Krishna temple for a final goodby kiss to the world of maya, (illusion). That's when I was found.

No, pardon me, I was finally locked in and secured when I received diskha (initiation) from my guru, Srila Prabhupada. Once that was done, my fate was sealed, forever. Now thirty eight years later I look back at a history and the previous twenty of an amazing search for the truth. It took a lot of pondering of the mind and pounding of footsteps. It was a virtual mile to and from school each day that it took to hammer out thoughts lingering about on life's purpose.

So, here I am, found and happy, for the most part, despite loss of keys.

Come to think of it, if I hadn't lost those keys I might not have gone down memory land and counted all those landmark blessings. If, per chance, I find those magical little metallic secrets to opening doors, I'll be a happy chappy.

12 Km

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