Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Monday, September 19th, 2011

To Another Province

To Nova Scotia

There were quite a few empty seats on Air Canada, Flight 655 to Halifax. Providence had it that I would have a nice passenger next to me, a sweet little senior citizen and native of Newfoundland, off to visit her daughter in Nova Scotia. She was frail with hair blonde to snow coloured. From our conversation she learned I was a vegetarian, aside from being of a monastic order. She blushed and said, “Well, you know, I’m 95% vegetarian, my two daughters are complete vegetarians. We’re 7th Day Adventists, you see, and many of us don’t eat meat.” “I understand that the Old Testament has many statements supporting the veg. culture”., I remarked.

Diet has been a topic of the last few days with walking partners. I have been encouraging the meatless diet and going so far as to say that you can enjoy a delicious meal, ethically friendly, and with mantras you can make your preps karma free. My flying partner, whose name I forgot, so we’ll call her Hazel, was admiring the green landscape below as we took off into the air. “That’s the predominant colour we should be eating as humans, don’t you think? It’s so obvious to some of us,” I said. The colour green then became hazed with clouds and a mist seemed to govern the Maritime skies, right up to our landing. We parted with mutual blessings from Jesus and Krishna. I felt my day enriched having met this gentle soul.

After parting took place, and anxious greeting followed by three glowing monks, Jeff, who preceded me with an earlier flight, Yogendra, Matt, and then Heidi and Theresa. From there, us single males drove a three hour distance to Auld’s Cove, Nova Scotia, for an overnight lodging in what’s said to be Canada’s first built Hindu temple. Beginning the trek on the mainland starts tomorrow.

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