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Thursday, September 8th, 2011

The Beach and Birds

Miami, Florida

Hurricane Irene did little damage to Miami. One local person here told me that some forceful winds did cause ocean currents to stir up things leaving jellyfish, for instance, to be floating near the shore or to be banked on the beach.

Jiva Goswami Das, Krishna member, drove me to Biscayne Park where you have a beach. Our ten kilometre trek along the water was invigorating. It was a barefoot hike. It was dark, 9:30 PM, and naturally we were cautious about where we were stepping. I would make this venture analogous to stepping in the material world and being extremely careful about where you tread.

I have to be humoured about the name, ‘Miami’, because if you sound it out it’s all about maya (in Sanskrit means illusion), and me. Maya me. And as everyone knows it is a place which offers much sense enjoyment. Tourists come here form all over the world to the beach and the bars; people retire here to settle as refugees. Miami is a very sought after place.

Fortunately there is some presence of spiritual practice in this big place of maya. I see churches, synagogues, yoga centres and other such facilities. And, of course, there is the ocean itself which provides a great venue for spiritual upliftment. Because we are in the Kali yuga, the age of dullness, you do find that bars, gambling, gross restaurants and sex joints far outnumber the spiritual assemblies.

As Jiva and I moved along with a calm ocean to one side and a beach to the other, we noticed birds ahead of us set like sages in meditation. “Cacatuas” was the Spanish word he gave to these feathery guys. They appeared as if to be in samadhi (transfixed or absorbed), but it was food for sure. Perhaps a future life will find them in Absolute awareness.

We chanted our mantras audibly enough in order that these birds could hear and would have a better chance at spiritual projection in the future. Anything to liberate the soul.

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