Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Where the Train Was

The Trailway, Newfoundland

I had invited 5 young men, skateboarders, to try out life as a monk, for a week, a month or more. They didn’t decline my offer, but they didn’t commit either. They were surprised by the offer and likely never gave a thought to such a proposal. I wanted to put it out there to plant a seed of spiritual desire in their hearts. Being young teens, I could appreciate that their life’s mission was not yet formed, and that they have a lot of thinking to do before full responsibility will kick in. The real good footing in life includes the spiritual component and that’s why I shared what I could in the few moments with them. I could have ignored them, and let them go about in a likely careless way. Having struggled through the pangs of adolescence myself, as I look back on my spiritual upbringing, without that I probably wouldn’t have survived the harshness of the world.

Those boys were respectful. When I tell teens that I’m on the long trek across Canada, they immediately become attentive. Otherwise they regard me as a kook. The other thing that may grab their attention is the fact that in their eyes, I might be some kind of kung-fu master. In general the exposure is good. Feeding the idea to youth that spirituality is an option is one reason for my being out here. And where is ‘here’, anyways, at least today? Here is the Trailway, the old railway line running through Newfoundland. Beginning from Manuel’s river onto the trail ending at the city’s museum at mile 0 of the Trans Canada Trail was today’s route. For the hike a dozen walking enthusiasts took us to the trail at various periods, including Miranda’s mom, Gail, who raised her family, at least for a period, in a Lighthouse. At segments we chanted as a group, and that’s also the way our day completed at the Lotus Centre, with more mantras, after a great meal at Neil and Cathy’s who are school teacher by profession. Progressive they were with their cooking. Try cold mango soup for a change.

I’m just going to finish with a quote from Jeff, who is enjoying the out of doors.

“If nature smells like this, then what must Krishna smell like?”

24 Km

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