Thursday, 8 September 2011

Monday, September 5th, 2011

The Superior Way

Toronto, Ontario

Anshul is a South Indian Hindu who fasts on Monday so when I offered him some ripe plums off a tree that we came upon during our walk, he held them in his hands as a take out.

"Fasting is good!" I said as a way to encourage him. My fast is fortnightly (every two weeks), I explained. I didn't care to tilt him over to my discipline. I was really content to hear him chant softly with mantras gliding over his tongue for a full hour and a half. There were the occasional diversions or distractions from chanting but they were questions.

Off the topic of mantra chanting and more on walking. "What's the difference between us walking the ravine as opposed to doing this on a treadmill?" asked Anshul. Here's what I said in regards to the pros of walking outside in the ravine:

1) The air is clean and oxygen, plenty
2) The rougher terrain moves more muscles
3) You meet people
4) It's free, you don't pay for a machine
5) You receive sunshine and the other elements
7) Nature is beautiful, the walls are bland
8) A treadmill usually fits one, a trail accommodates.

Anshul appreciated the comparison. From there he resumed chanting while moving his legs, as I did. After our return to the temple ashram, I mentioned to Anshul that I am preparing for a 4th cross Canada walk beginning in ten days from Newfoundland going west. Please join me when I get closer to central Canada. With a broad smile he said, "I will."

It beats moving on a treadmill.

10 Km

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