Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


Spanish Fork, Utah

Caru, our host in Spanish Fork, told us about some hot springs near by. Manu went as an advanced party to see if roads leading up to the area was accessible by bus. Indeed, it was! Caru referred to the cascaded stream as Fifth Water.

Somehow or other our crew on the bus gravitates towards waters. As far as the elements are concerned, we do get our share of wind, especially in the arid mid-west district. Our conveyance, the buses, are forever firmly on the ground, on interstate highways. We are also getting plenty of fire in the form of Surya, the sun. There are many noses with peeling of skin, result of sunburn.

We climbed that trail when our nostrils were greeted by sulfur scent, and after a two mile hike to the summit, hot and cold springs were abound. We were in heaven with mud bathing and a cave under a waterfalls provided the perfect sacred space for kirtan. It reminded me of a visit I made to a cave in India that the great warrior from the Mahabharat, Dronacarya, had meditated in. We were transported into another world of Krishna and sulphur. Our day’s grand finale of service was held in Salt Lake City a facility formerly occupied by the Seventh Day Adventists. Caru, co-emceed our Bha Ra Ta program. All went well until our principal actor/dancer, Godruma Goura collapsed on the stage in front of our audience. Naturally it brought about concern from all, he sprained his ankle leaving him in some pain. This leaves a challenge for the remaining shows. The pain is shared. May I make use of the cliché, ‘no pain, no gain”?

17 Km

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