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Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Happiness is Our Birthright

Markham, Ontario

The woman had a microphone in her hand while her male companion bore the camera. They are working on a documentary with the topic, 'happiness'.

"What makes you happy?" she asked as I had just arrived at the corner of Bloor and Spadina to meet the monthly chanting party there.

The answer came with no apprehension as I said, "the freedom to walk, to meet people and meet God." I clarified that last phrase by saying that while trekking I chant and connect with the Divine in this way.

"what do you like about Toronto?" she asked.

"It's remarkable diversity of people. The whole world seems to be represented in this spot on the globe."

Off the record I spoke more to the couple about the carefree life of moving about. They were happy themselves about executing the project. I felt the topic relevant for who in this whole world will not admit to wanting happiness. Happiness or, ananda, as given in Sanskrit the term is an integral component to our very being. We are sat, which means, 'eternal'. We are cit, which means 'cognizant'. And we are ananda, which means 'full of joy'.

In this world everyone is seeking happiness, ''ananda bhayo nyasat'. Because it is our nature and exists within, and absence of it seems wrong. If our drive in life is purely mundane then we cover that natrual happiness just as one might conceal a lit candle with a bushel turned upside down. It seems we are habituated to blocking the natural shine within us while not aware of the mistake. By nature we are jolly but we deny this by unnecessary attitude and behaviour.

Let's shine!

7 Km

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